Venturing Awards

There is a multitude of awards that a Venturer can earn, depending on the interests of each individual person. The are five Bronze Awards, followed by the Gold, and the Silver. The Venturing Silver Award is the highest award a Venturer can earn, and is considered an equal achievement to the Eagle Scout. There are also expert level awards such as Quest, Trust, and the Ranger.

The Bronze Award

Of the five Bronze awards available, a regular crew member can earn four of them. The fifth Bronze is reserved for Sea Scouting, a separate branch of Venturing. The four Bronze awards available are Sports, Religious Life, Arts and Hobbies, and Outdoor.

For the Sports, Religious Life, and Arts and Hobbies Awards, you must complete nine requirements from a given list of options. Each Award has its own detailed requirements, but generally require you to go beyond your everyday routine and really get into what you’re working on. All the Venturing Awards also require you to teach others what you have learned. To learn more about the specific Bronze Awards and what the detailed requirements are, please see the Venturer Handbook.

The Gold Award

Following the Bronze Award comes the Gold Award. The Gold Award has four main purposes, or objectives. First, to recognize achievement by young adults. Second, to encourage personal growth through exposure to activities related to the following areas: citizenship, leadership, service to others, community and family, outdoor experience, and total fitness. Third, to offer challenging and stimulating opportunities for young adults to develop and achieve personal goals in leadership, character development, and personal fitness. And lastly to provide a favorable image of Venturing among youth, parents, schools, and communities.

For a more detailed list of the requirements to earn the Gold Award, see the Gold Award Application.

The Silver Award

The Silver Award is Venturing’s highest award available. It is equal in achievement to the Eagle Scout. Like the Gold, the Silver has specific objectives and purposes. First, to provide a pathway for personal development. Second, to encourage Venturers to learn, grow, and serve. Next, to recognize the high level of achievement of Venturers who acquire Venturing skills. To identify trained and highly motivated Venturers who will be attaining, leadership, and program resource for other Venturers, Scouts, organizations, and the community. And lastly of course, to help define Venturing.

For a more detailed list of the requirements to earn the Silver Award, see the Silver Award Application.

The next three awards are considered Expert Level Awards as they are continuations or extensions of the Bronze Awards.

The Quest Award

This award, the Quest Award, is an extension of the Sports Bronze. For those youth that are superb athletes, the Quest Award can be an excellent piece of recognition. There is a special Quest Handbook available for those interested.

The Quest Award has three core requirements, including American Red Cross Sport Safety Training and CPR Training, and the Fitness for Life Program. One elective requirement is also required from the following categories – History and Heritage of Sports, Sports Nutrition, Drug-Free Sports, Communications, and History and Heritage of Disabled Sports Movement.

The Trust Award

The Trust Award is another Expert Level Award, an extension of the Religious Life Bronze. After earning the Religious Life Bronze Award, the Trust Award is the next step for those Youth looking to learn more about their relationship with God. Like the Quest Award, there is a special Trust Handbook available.

The Trust Award is divided into five distinct sections, each with their own unique requirements. The five sections are Tending your Beliefs, Respecting the Beliefs of Others, Understanding other Cultures, Serving your Community, and Transforming our Society. The Tending your Beliefs section is designed to focus on your own personal religious beliefs and your personal relationship with God. This section must be completed before moving on to the remaining four, which each have their own set of core requirements, as well as electives to choose from.

The Ranger Award

The Ranger Award is the final Expert Level Award. It is an extension of the Outdoor Bronze Award. The Ranger consists of eight core requirements, and eighteen electives, four of which are required.

Core Requirements

1. First Aid

2. Communications

3. Cooking

4. Emergency Preparedness

5. Land Navigation

6. Leave No Trace

7. Wilderness Survival

8. Conservation

Elective Requirements

1. Backpacking

2. Cave Exploring

3. Cycling / Mountain Biking

4. Ecology

5. Equestrian

6. First Aid

7. Fishing

8. Hunting

9. Lifesaver

10. Mountaineering

11. Outdoor Living History

12. Physical Fitness

13. Plants and Wildlife

14. Project COPE


16. Shooting Sports

17. Watercraft

18. Winter Sports